Friday, April 25, 2014

When You Live With Gollum

I watched Lord of The Rings recently with my husband (it's an old favorite, but it has been awhile since I'd seen it) and I found myself laughing hysterically at times while viewing the creature called "Gollum."

Because I know him personally. I live with him.
Gollum shares remarkable similarities with a certain toddler in my home.

Now, you may be asking "How can I tell if I live with a Gollum?"
Well shucks, you can examine your little precious with this fool-proof test and find out!

If you live with someone who

Always questions bedtime ("We must go now?")

Refuses to wear clothing. ("Takes it off us!")

Is proud of his terrible table etiquette

Bites people

Has full screaming tantrums. (While naked, of course)

Is helpful with family pets

Gives you his best smile and full cooperation during family photos

Has trouble with listening skills

Refuses to eat what's served for dinner

Yells "Mine! Mine! Mine!" And Won't share with others

Collects bugs

And can't handle the word NO

...then, congrats!  You too have the pleasure of parenting a Gollum!

Which, by the way, is still better than driving a van-load of shrieking Nazgul.

Don't ask me how I know.

*Images from Lord of the Rings movie trilogy

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