Friday, April 11, 2014

We've Been Busy Here! ~A Household Update

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Life has flown by here at "The Manor" (which is what we call our house), and we have certainly been busy.

We've done LOADS of laundry. Literally.

We've played outside, 

gotten dirty and needed baths.

We've lost a first tooth

and celebrated a first birthday on St.Patrick's Day.

All the kids wore green for that one. 

Milo got a first-birthday muffin, which he enjoyed.

Not long after that, we celebrated a third birthday.
With a short visit to the beach

and an ice-cream cake.

Which was so amazingly delicious that we made TWO.

Yeah. That's a TON of crushed Oreos.

"Put a bite here."  Mack begged for the last piece a few days later, and said

"Mom, If you give me some, I'll go away." 

I know better than to believe a four-year old. Of course I'm not sharing.
He was shocked.

(I'm mean like that. Deal with it.)

We've had seeds sprouting on our window sill.

And a friend made super amazing raised beds out of old pallets.
(Thanks Jon!)

We trucked in a yard and a half of compost. Micah Shoveled it out of the truck and into the beds.

We got 15 baby chicks that will become our laying hens.

They live in our garage in an old pack 'n play.

They are quite cute. They will move into a coop after they grow feathers.

Over the last few months life has been full of fun, full of challenges and full of busyness. We've had school, band, choir, church, sun, rain, diapers and piano lessons. We've had visitors and sickness and cleaning. Time is going by so fast and before we know it, our new baby will be here. We will keep you updated on our gardening efforts and our chickens.

Happy Springtime!

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  1. WOW!!! When I saw the photo of the children together for Milo's birthday, I thought that Micah was Mike. He looks so grown up. I think Mikayla looks a whole lot like you too. Those two are really looking like young adults. I love all the photos, I love seeing your children. They are so adorable. So you are trying to stay even busier before this new little one comes, what with gardening and chickens. You are one funny lady! It is awesome that you are becoming more self sufficient. Keep up the great work!