Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Top 20 Challenges In A Large Family

These are the top 20 challenges in a  our large family

 1. Laundry
All of it. The whole thing. From beginning to end. Dear Jesus.

2. Keeping the grocery bill less than the mortgage payment

3. Dishes

4. Getting a date-night

5. Finding everyone's shoes when it's time to leave the house

6. Hiding the fact that your breath smells like chocolate

7. Explaining why your breath smells like chocolate

8. The tantrum that comes after stating why you won't be sharing the chocolate

9. Calling everyone the correct name on the first try

10. Finding a quiet place

11. Multiple toddlers and preschoolers (Need I say more?)

12. Going anywhere crowded

13. Keeping toilet paper and hand-soap filled in the bathrooms

14. Picking a 'Movie Night' movie that everyone agrees on

15. Keeping everyone's LEGO sets separated

16. Serving over 670 meals each month (No joke)

17. The house staying clean and organized for more than 3 hours

18. Finding out what *really* happened after something breaks

19. When every kid needs a shower or bath at the exact same time (Take a number!)

20. LAUNDRY. Did I mention Laundry?


  1. Great list, but those are not even scratching the surface. What about all the stupid questions that ignorant people ask, like do you know where they come from? Or, all of these yours? Do you run a daycare? What about the challenges you have with their education? There are SO many things that make it challenging. But thankfully God is with you and giving you the strength to raise those beautiful blessings. Thank you for sharing and being so transparent. YOU are a blessing.

  2. Oh yeah, no doubt these don't even TOUCH on the 'Top 20 Stupid Things People Say And Do Around Our Large Family.' HA! (Hmmm, maybe that will be its own post one of these days! LOL)
    As for education, I figure properly educating ANY child these days (and actually teaching them HOW to think, not just WHAT to think) is a challenge, whether just one child or 15 children. :) The list could've been easily 100 things, but I figured readers would start yawing around #35....

    1. You are right. this list could be a million and one things. You listed some great ones though!!