Monday, March 10, 2014

Just When I Was Ready To Panic...

Mike woke me up in the early morning; hovering over me in the darkness. If he does that, something is wrong. He never wakes me up unless there's a very good reason. It was still well before dawn, and frankly I need every ounce of "beauty sleep" I can muster.

I sat up alarmed and said "What's wrong?"

"I can't find TyTy." (He's our almost-three year old son.) "He isn't in his bed or in his room. I can't find him anywhere."

I'm fairly sure I passed a look of confusion here in the dark as my still-sleeping brain tried to register this.

"You can't find him? Where is he?" Okay, this is a dumb question, but give me some grace here. It's WAAAAY too early to ask my brain to use any problem-solving skills.

"I don't know," Mike replied. "I can't find him anywhere. All the doors are locked, so I know he's not outside."

The hunt began as I shot out of bed with my heart pounding.

We checked his room again. Nothing.  In the darkness we checked Mack's room; looked under beds, and under blankets. Not in the toy box either. We checked the laundry room where the baby sleeps. Nothing.

I hurried downstairs and made a quick pass of the living room and dining room. No kid.

Around the corner to the playroom I went. Surveying the room, I saw this three older siblings sleeping peacefully. Makenna was on the couch, the oldest two on the bunk-beds. The sliding door that leads outside was still locked. I looked under the bunk-bed. No dice.

Where could he be? Was he in a cabinet somewhere eating poison? Did he go outside and someone locked the door behind him? Did he...? Did he...? My brain was struggling to wake up.

In a moment of panic I flipped on the playroom light.

"Has anyone seen TyTy?" I asked loudly. Two kids sat up and rubbed their eyes.

"Huh?" Was the sleepy reply.

Where on earth could he be?! At this point I was praying silently in ernest; "Dear Jesus, help us find him!" And right before I was ready to panic and run through the house yelling his name and offering him cookies if he came out from wherever he was, I caught a glimpse of his fuzzy, dark head. He was curled up in Micah's bed next to the wall. I could barely see him.

"He's here," I said to Mike, relieved. Crisis averted.

Ty sat up upon hearing his name and rubbed his eyes.  Mike explained that he had to go back to his own bed. The small boy complied and got out of big brother's bed and walked to the hallway near the downstairs bathroom. In an animated voice, Ty pointed to my newly painted, yellow bathroom and said "Cheese-spider!" What on earth? Mike schlepped the toddler back up the stairs and tucked him into his own bed.

"Cheese-spider!" Ty Ty said loudly and pointed to his ceiling.

And then we understood.

If you don't have kids, you probably don't know what a cheese-spider is. Let me explain.
In the movie Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2, after Flynt Lockwood created a food-making machine, (movie 1)  his foods morphed into creative animals like tacodiles, sasquash, jellybees and shrimpanzees. One such creature is a cheese-spider made of a cheeseburger with 8 french-fry legs that spits out webs made of gooey cheese.

And our little guy had a bad dream and went down to sleep with his siblings so he could be safe. Awww

Mike assured him there was no cheese-spider in his room and it was safe to go to sleep.

And except for Mike who left for work, that's where everyone is now; back in bed, while I lay in the dark, wide awake, heart racing and very thankful.

When the sun comes up I'll be putting some sort of lock on the outside of Ty-Ty's door. It won't be a fancy lock, but I don't really care how ugly my hand-crafted lock will be as long as it's the type that keeps small kids safely in their room...

And any cheese-spiders out.

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